Hello! Rayna here!


“Listen to Nurture” to me means tuning in to the whispers of the universe, the guidance of Spirit, and the wisdom of my heart. It means being open to receiving the messages and lessons that life presents to me, and being willing to learn and grow from them. It means practicing self-care, self-love, and self-compassion, so that I can show up fully for myself and for others. It means trusting in the process of life, surrendering to the flow, and embracing the beauty of each moment. It means honoring my inner voice, my intuition, and my connection to something greater than myself. Listen to Nurture is a reminder to listen deeply, nurture myself fully, and live authentically from my heart center.

I have created this platform to give in the ways I am knowledgeable and feel is needed. I have curated these recipes to nourish myself and the ones I love. And hope to pass on the goodness to anyone who is curious to up-level their consciousness in the kitchen. Tuning into how food makes you feel and honoring the messages your body relays. 

The journey from your head to your heart.